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Penny Wise Blog

A Penny Invested For Your Thoughts.

At Cannon Wealth Management Services we offer our clients the tools to help them navigate their financial futures. We are also very involved with our community and have a heartfelt commitment to show our values as a team outside of the office. That's where I come in.

Kimberly's Blog, cleverly penned as "A Penny Invested For Your Thoughts" by Penny Wise, that's me!

As a non-licensed person, I do not give advice, speak the lingo or know what it takes to help you retire other than to shake my pom-poms and shout "Go TEAM Go!!" and support them in their efforts. I get to be the friendly person that has one of the most important jobs of all, client relations. I am YOUR person...YOUR point of contact and YOUR Relationship Manager. And it is a position I love and cherish!

I am a hard working Mom, juggling a tight rope schedule with a hardworking Dad and two ever changing and quite challenging children. My point of view hopefully resonates with your view of the world or at least makes you stop and think. I like relating to people and getting to know them better. I see how the way we operate our business can help people. Those are the things I write about. I am our "human touch".

I am blessed beyond words to have this forum to relate to you...whether you are an existing client, a future prospect, or someone that just enjoys a good read. I'm glad you're here. ~ Kimberly

Kimberly's Blog